Exploring Glasgow

20140614_23555420140614_22345620140614_22383920140614_22451520140614_23032920140614_231339We had an early night last night, I think it is all starting to catch up with us.  We had a really lovely dinner down in the restaurant and then came back up to our room to watch some TV before turning in.  It really didn’t take me long to gonk out and I don’t think Geoff was far behind me.

We woke up about 8am and headed down for brekky before having to return the car, which thankfully was just down the road.  We then picked up a few things intending to send them home and avoid excess luggage……..no.  Our gifts will have to be carried back with us, which means that we will have to reorganise our luggage again.  That’s a job fir tomorrow though.

We had a great day exploring Glasgow and learnings it’s history.  We must have walked a thousand miles today but we saw some great sights and beautiful buildings.  We went looking for Rudhouse Street today, it is now a highway and we investigated historical records to get an idea of where it would be but we could not find this information.  Rudhouse Street is where Dad grew up so we were quite keen to get photos but we could not unfortunately.  We caught a tour through Partick Nil, oops – Partick Nil.  Wait, hang on….P a r t i c k.  Even my Aussie tablet knows the local team is known as Partick Thistle Nil 🙂  (Billy Connolly joke)  Tomorrow we head for Firhill Street to the stadium and meet with a staff member about my great grand father’s playing days with the team.

We are also going to have our photo taken with the Tardis, out the front of the botanic gardens, it was very crowded today and was not timely to stand around and await our turn.  This afternoon we stopped at a transport museum and stepped back in history to the old trams, cars, bikes, steam trqins and ships.  It was a very huge museum and you really could spend all day there.


The city is getting very busy for the Games coming up at the end of the month, there are a lot of marquis and other temporary sites going up. We stopped to look at merchandise but unfortunately it was horribly overpriced so we kept walking.  I love Glasgow, it’s a huge contradicting city and it is extraordinary.

Pics attached (hopefully).20140614_223308


Skye to Fort William

As I was saying in the last post before the wi-fi cut out, we spent most of the day on Skye exploring, photographing, avoiding sheep and cows and eating scones.  The weather was overcast but not rainy which was nice but cool.  We found some markets in Portree and had a wander around to break up the driving.  We found spectacular views and greatlittle historical places of interest to stop at.

We hit the road for Fort William at about 2pm but it took us a while to reach our destination, there were little tributes, monuments, touristy attractions along the way that we had to stop at.  When we arrived in Fort William we checked into our hotel which was a very quaint little B&B overlooking the Loch.  We had a waterfront room but there was no restaurant so we headed into the city centre for dinner.  We found a little pub and it served the best meals, it was obviously very popular with the locals because there was always a line up for a seat.  It was a delicious feed and they made lemon,lime and bitters…the only place we’ve visited over here that has made it.

After the horrible hotel at Skye we turned in early and slept solidly until about 7::30. It was the best nights sleep, it was hard to leave.  The hotel was pet friendly and they had two dogs there.  A very happy and boisterous Collie and an old Golden retriever.  Both we beautiful and full of cuddles, we sat down on the floor and had a play and a cuddle and went outside to polay inbetween rain breaks.

This morning we were to ride the Jacobite Steam Train, however my husband….havachat……the man who loves a conversation, spent a bit of time talking to the hotel owners and we missed the train.  Didn’t even get a photo of it.  Sad face.  The steam train was the train used in the Harry Potter movies and it was the Hogwarts express, as a bit of a fan of the books I was really looking forward to it.

Nevermind.  We decided to pick up some little souvenirs and have a spot of lunch before making our way to Glasgow.  We made a few stops on the way as we passed through spectacular scenery.  Waterfalls carved in the rocky hills and rivers gushing right beside you.  I honestly hope that my photos do the place justice.

We have now arrived in Glasgow and are settled into the hotel. We return the car in the morning and then we’re free to explore. More pics to come asap.

Off for dinner now.

Pitlochry to Skye

Hi all,

Sorry I have not been blogging. Our hotel on Skye did not have wi-fi and I am almost out of data on my sim.  Lsst night we stopped at Fort William and the signal strength is very poor.

On Wednesday we drove from Pitlochry to Skye and it was beautiful. We stopped at the Blair Castle and had a wander around.  Unfortunately we could not take photos in the castle but I got some beautiful ones of the exterior and of the grounds.  It was renovated by the 7th duke after the Jacobite war and also to honour his Dad, the 6th duke.  The main entry pays tribute to his Dad’s weapon collection and it is 20 foot ceilings house so many guns, knives etc etc.  Didn’t really understand the collection but it was very impressive.  From there we doubled back to Eradour which is the smallest working distillery in Scotland, unfortunately we arrived at the same time as a tour bus so we were squeezed out.

I don’t have my note book with me of all we saw and passed but I think most memorable was the Cullodean battlefield which was one of the sights of the Jacobite battles.  Unfortunately it takes 3 hours to get around and we simply could not do it, we went through the memorial and took a quick tour of the bwttlefield before stopping for a Haggis lunch and hitting the road again.  Outside of the battlefield we ran into a guy clwiming to be psychic and feeling ill from the voices of the dead.  Geoff got chstting and told him we were on our way to Skye, he felt we were staying in Portree, on our honeymoon and Geoff was a builder.  Hhhmmm, some psychic ability.

Driving through the highlands was amazing and We started playing spot the heighlan’ coo.  We stopped for photos with a few.

Just before crossing to Skye we stopped at Eilean Donan Castle.  This is the castle used in James Bond – the world is not enough and he Highlander movies.

Our hotel in Skye was beyond disappointing so wew checked out as early as possible to see the sights on the Island.  Naturally our first stop was Taliskers.  It is reslly right on the water in the most beautiful location.  We did a tour and learned so much about the Island in the process which was fantastic.  Geoff had a few samples soI took over the driving until lunch time.  We drove around to Portree, which is the main town on the Island and had a wander around the shops.  The weather was overecast but not raining so it was quite coolish so we had a warm lunch and a pot oftea.  BEST S

Edinburgh to Pitlochry

Firstly, I’m sorry about the last blog.  We stopped at The Famous Grouse for a distillery tour and tasting. I was designated drunk while Geoff drove.

This morning we picked up the car to drive from Edinburgh to Pitlochry.  We have a FIAT 500 and it is surprisingly a great car.  I haven’t driven yet but Geoff is having a great time.

We hit the road about 9am on our way to Stirling to see the Wallace Monument,  The Famous Grouse, The salmon ladder and absolutely beautiful countryside.  With Geoff’s eagerness to get underway I could not recall what was to be the first stop so I put Crieff into the GPS. Driving through Fife, I soon realised we were heading the wrong way so we stopped at Kinross for a cuppa and a regroup.

We had to double back for about half an hour to reach Stirling and the monument but it was worth it.  The monument is so grand and beautiful. Other guests had come from Stirling Castle and recommended we give it a miss – overpriced and underwhelming.  We took their advice in the search of alcohol.

We took back roads to get to Crieff and the distillery and found beautiful little towns. The people were so friendly,  the buildings were regal and the weather was turning. We got off the beaten track to find a church I saw from the main road.  It was stunning when we found it. It was sandstone and gold.

We were back on the road and made the distillery just after lunch time. We booked our tour and then hit the shop before partaking in a few drams. The tour was really quite interesting but we could not take photos in the working distillery sections due to dust and explosive fumes.

After the distillery was the salmon ladder. ……boring

We are overnighting 20140610_18073420140610_18470420140610_21520620140610_22492420140611_002008_1 20140611_002058it at The Atholl Palace. This place is gorgeous.  I’ll post photos when its not raining. Today has been amazing.  We were sad to leave Edinburgh with so much unseen but it just means we have to come back.

Thistle do

The view from our hotel in Edinburgh

The view from our hotel in Edinburgh


We woke up with the sun high in the sky and blazing through the crack in the curtain.  It was a beautifully warm day so we slathered on the sunscreen….yes, sunscreen in Scotland, and headed out for brekky and to run some errands.  We had brekky at this really cute little patisserie next to the hotel whilst planning our sight seeing for the day.  We decided to bask in the beautiful sunshine and jump onto one of those hop on hop off bus tours on the open top double deckers.  Edinburgh then decided to play a trick on the tourists wearing shorts and t-shirts and it bucketed down with rain.  We got saturated!

We went down stairs of the bus to the covered section but could not see nearly as much so we decided to get out of the bus at The Royal Mile and walk back to the hotel for warmer and more appropriate clothing.  In taking this route we went to St Giles church, Edinburgh Castle, the Whiskey tour, the horror tour and countless other beautiful sights.  There was a lady standing at the ticket booth for the horror tour and she had contact lenses in – one was white with a black pupil andwhen she looked at me I near on pooped myself, she reaaly looked the part.  Naturally Geoff found my reaction hilarious and provided no comfort to his wife.

We stopped at one of the touristy shops and bought umbrella for the rest of the walk back to the hotel.  We changed our clothing for something warmer and drier and then decided to head back out to see some more of the sights, and to buy Geoff a new suitcase.  Unfortunately, the plastic backing on his broke which meant that the wheels no longer aligned and when you pulled it behind you it drwgged on the ground and wore a hole in the bottom.  We decided to send that bag home with the souvenirs purchased and bought him a new one.  However on our way to the shops a car drove past us and through a puddle splashing water all over us…..absolutely hilarious for those around us but not for us.  Dripping wet we decided it was time for lunch and found this cute little Italian restaurant to dry off in.


Thankfully after lunch the weather started to clear so we hit the streets again for more sight seeing.  The buses were packed again with the weather clearing so we did a lot of sights by foot.  I hqve taken some pics on my phone but most were on my camera so I’ll only share a few. Our feet are aching about as much as our cheeks from all of the smilimg.  Edinburgh is absolutely stunning, it is such a pity we are leaving tomorroe but I know the sights on the way to Pitlochry will be just as beautiful.

We miss you all but this holidays has been just amazing, Geoff is alrady planning what we will do when we come back!!